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stream restoration & stabilization - cedar rapids, ia

water resources engineering

water resources restoration & enhancement

with a passion for natural water resources restoration and enhancement, our team of engineers, environmental scientists, planners, and landscape architects is prepared to take on any project — regardless of complexity. this diverse team of experts approaches river, stream, lake, and pond restoration work with the goal of providing long-term solutions. our extensive history with the construction, maintenance, and removal of dams also helps us guide clients toward effective infrastructure solutions while maximizing opportunities for environmental improvement.

optimizing natural environmental systems

we’re able to design projects grounded in sound engineering while optimizing the environmental quality, economic vitality, and aesthetics of natural systems. a holistic approach to overcoming project challenges aids us in developing high-quality, cost-effective solutions that attract 世界杯足球比赛预选赛 interest and foster environmental awareness, interest, and stewardship. by establishing strong relationships with various regulatory agencies, we’re able to navigate the environmental permitting and compliance process with ease and efficiency to keep your project on time and budget.

snyder & associates water resources services

rivers & streams

unstable river or stream channels can threaten nearby properties or structures. additionally, the ongoing erosive cycle of streambank undercutting and sloughing degrades water quality. sediment from bank erosion and upstream development can eventually fill lakes and ponds located downstream, severely affecting water quality and habitat.

we specialize in assessing stream and river channels and designing improvements through a variety of services:

  • streambank stabilization & restoration — the single largest source of pollutants for most streams is streambank erosion. we have stabilized miles of streambank using a wide range of methods. creating a project that considers habitat, aesthetics, and long-term capacity, in addition to streambank stabilization, provides the best combination of engineering and environment
  • channel realignment — some projects require the realignment of an existing drainage channel. we design these channels to protect 世界杯足球比赛预选赛 safety, meet all permit requirements, and match the preexisting channel conveyance and habitat as closely as possible.
  • recreational enhancements — our planners and landscape architects can help weave recreational features into all types of water projects

lakes & ponds

if not properly maintained, lakes and ponds can transition from regional attractions to nuisances. sedimentation due to upstream and shoreline erosion causes turbidity and loss of depth, affecting fish habitat and other aquatic species. pollutants and nutrients entering the water lead to algae and vegetation issues.

with a focus on reestablishing pond depth, restoring water quality, and addressing issues upstream, our expertise includes:

  • dredging — design and construction of dredging improvements (wet or dry)
  • habitat & fishery improvements — designing features to improve aquatic habitat and recreational opportunities for users
  • shoreline restoration — evaluating existing conditions and designing shoreline improvements to reduce erosion, increase aquatic habitat, and improve lake access and usability.
  • sedimentation control/water quality improvement — design of constructed wetlands, sediment basins, check dams, and other control improvements
  • recreation improvements — site evaluation and the design of boat ramps, docks, and fishing access
  • lake dredging — dredging is often the only solution available to bring a lake back to its original storage capacity. we understand how dredging equipment, pumping needs, and dredged material storage must work to achieve project success.
  • forebay design — an often-overlooked aspect of pond design is the forebay. an adequately designed forebay can add years to a pond’s life through easily accessible sediment removal.


all dams require maintenance, upgrades, and in most cases, eventual removal. our team can help evaluate the condition of your dam and assist with required maintenance and upgrades. while relatively rare, new dams can be built to create water features, provide water supply, create habitat, or improve flow equalization.

in recent years, a strong movement has developed to promote the removal of old dams to reduce hazards to people and animals, improve stream health and habitat, reduce the burden of maintenance to owners, and provide recreational opportunities.

our team provides cost-effective mitigation for low-head dams and is ready to help with your dam project through:

  • breach analysis — an evaluation of downstream safety in the event of dam failure often required by regulators when a dam is constructed or modified
  • infrastructure evaluation — determining the condition and capacity of elements and the required maintenance/upgrades needed for the desired system lifespan
  • infrastructure design — new dam design and the repair/optimization of existing dams
  • dam removal, repair, & modification — to meet today’s evolving environmental conditions, our hydraulic and structural engineers collaborate to complete critical infrastructure repair and modifications
  • environmental improvements — post dam removal, renovation of the area may be necessary to improve habitat and recreational opportunities

additional water quality protection & enhancement services