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traffic engineering

focused on safety

when it comes to traffic engineering, our top priority is the safety of all roadway users. with that in mind, our analyses, recommendations, and designs focus on improving the safety and efficiency of transportation facilities. following an analysis of crash history, we identify geometric and traffic control improvements to address predominant crash types and causes. recommended improvements are developed using current best practices to achieve project goals.

with over 95 years of combined traffic engineering expertise, our team has an in-depth understanding of all project elements affecting traffic safety and operations.

improving traffic operations

traffic congestion wastes billions of dollars in time and fuel costs every year.

to address and improve inefficient traffic operations, we begin by reviewing the existing conditions. combining field review with advanced traffic analysis and modeling tools helps us analyze intersection, interchange, and corridor traffic operations. with existing deficiencies identified, potential options to increase safety and better accommodate existing and long-range traffic demands are evaluated.

our experience and multi-disciplined expertise have prepared us to help you address the concerns of policymakers, developers, and the 世界杯足球比赛预选赛 . knowledge and application of signing, pavement markings, traffic signals, roundabouts, and geometric design combine to improve traffic operations.

we are committed to helping your community or agency ensure its transportation network is user-friendly and safe for people of all ages and physical abilities, regardless of how they travel.

2022世界杯32强预选赛 for growth & development

community growth and development can affect the safety and function of transportation corridors. to identify and address concerns in your transportation network, traffic impact or corridor studies are the first step.

based on current and projected future conditions, appropriate capacity and safety improvements may include:

  • access management considerations
  • roadway widening
  • construction of auxiliary turn lanes
  • 4 to 3 lane road diet conversions
  • traffic signals
  • roundabouts
  • bicycle/pedestrian accommodations

integrated design

once improvement needs are determined, traffic engineering design helps turn concepts into reality. working closely with your team, we can seamlessly integrate traffic engineering into a wide range of project types and sizes.

our experience, knowledge of national and state design standards, and understanding of your specific project need will result in cost-effective, safe, and efficient transportation system improvements. designs and plans may include:

  • traffic signal and communications systems
  • traffic signal timing
  • roadway lighting
  • its equipment application
  • signing and/or pavement markings
  • traffic control and staging plans

snyder & associates traffic engineering services

traffic & safety studies

intersection, interchange, corridor, land development impact, and other types of studies are performed to evaluate operational and safety needs. from the analyses performed, recommendations are developed and documented in study reports. a study is often the first step to plan and design transportation improvements by clearly identifying the need, budget costs, and potential funding sources.

traffic signal systems design

the design of traffic signals and other traffic control improvements requires a thorough understanding of traffic operations, safety issues, and applicable standards. all of these elements must be considered along with the physical constraints of the project site to create functional, cost-effective improvements. communication networks and automated data collection are critical components of developing smart systems in today’s interconnected and intelligent infrastructure.

traffic signal timing & coordination

efficient traffic signal timing and coordination minimizes delays and maximizes progression along a signalized corridor to support the economic success of adjacent land use. from data collection through traffic modeling, timing plan development, and field implementation, we’re committed to effective traffic operations.

traffic modeling & optimization

traffic study and signal timing projects utilize traffic modeling software such as hcs, synchro/simtraffic, and vissim to evaluate and optimize traffic operations. depending on project needs, simulation modeling may be necessary to further evaluate operations and identify improvement needs.

roundabout analysis & design

unlike traditional intersections, capacity and safety have an inverse relationship at roundabouts. more lanes, wider lanes, and larger radii increase capacity and speed but may reduce safety. analysis of short- and long-term needs is necessary to optimize capacity and safety. our design process includes performance checks to ensure roundabout safety benefits are achieved. software tools such as hcs, synchro, sidra, and torus are utilized to iterate design options. streetscape enhancements and gateway opportunities may also be considered to improve community livability.

roadway lighting systems

from neighborhood streets and sidewalks to parking lots and interstates, effective lighting is an essential element of safety. our experience includes all types of lighting, working with led fixture retrofits, and new lighting control systems. analysis and simulation of lighting designs are modeled utilizing software agi32 to help demonstrate actual lighting patterns, illuminance, and dark sky concerns.

funding assistance

in-depth knowledge of state and federal funding assistance programs and how they can be applied is critical to help you apply for and utilize outside funding sources. utilizing years of traffic and transportation experience, we identify applicable opportunities, prepare competitive applications, and guide project design and development to meet funding requirements. our success includes the preparation of numerous transportation funding applications, resulting in millions of dollars in state and federal funding for our clients’ projects every year.