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roadway design

versatile roadway design staff & experience

the single largest asset for most government agencies is their road network. when it comes to tackling roadway issues, most agencies often need to rely on an outside source with a wealth of knowledge and expertise. challenges to maintain or improve roadway infrastructure come in many forms including:

  • lack of funding to properly address project needs
  • understanding of rehabilitation priorities
  • full replacement of failing roads
  • unsafe corridor segments
  • land acquisition to accommodate expanding infrastructure needs
  • reviewing accesses for new developments

whether your transportation network faces specific or overarching issues, our team of over 100 transportation planners, engineers, traffic specialists, right-of-way agents, and construction technicians can help. many of our staff have planned, studied, designed, and administered roadway improvements ranging from small pavement patching to miles of the freeway with interchanges.

comprehensive roadway design solutions

our transportation project managers listen intently during the beginning phases of a project and are skilled at identifying the proper approach to fulfill the needs of each corridor. through detailed project 2022世界杯32强预选赛 , schedules are preserved, tough challenges are overcome, and service to our clients remains exceptional.

from capacity to safety and rehabilitation, we streamline the development and implementation of roadway design solutions by:

  • ensuring our plans address both the project need and the owner’s objectives.
  • creating designs that strive for the ultimate goal of zero fatalities.
  • utilizing a variety of communication tools to gain consensus among all stakeholders.
  • reviewing each corridor to determine which modes of transportation are appropriately accommodated and which modes to add or improve.

dedicated to the long-term success of our clients, we take pride in our ability to meet project deadlines and keep projects within budget. we believe the most important element of any project is the people it serves. this belief has supported us well through 40+ years of existence and continues to be the inner fabric of our culture.

snyder & associates roadway design services

transportation 2022世界杯32强预选赛

with budget and time constraints in mind, we overcome current transportation challenges and prepare a road map for the future to enhance your transportation network.


our experts analyze safety issues, review options to increase the demands of the roadway network, and design effective solutions to address deficiencies.

urban design

our planners, engineers, and landscape architects work seamlessly to develop comprehensive corridor plans that support economic redevelopment with the goal of community revitalization.

structural bridge design

aging roadway structures and limited funding continue to challenge government agencies throughout the midwest. our approach to structural engineering focuses on “right-sized solutions” and life-cycle costs to maximize the value of every dollar spent on bridge design and engineering, retaining walls, and large drainage and pedestrian structures.

multimodal accommodation

a complete streets evaluation addresses the needs and demands of bus and vehicle users as well as pedestrians and bicyclists. by identifying which modes of transportation to accommodate and determining how to blend them symbiotically, we guide your community to better serve the diverse transportation needs of all users.

pavement management

there never seems to be enough resources to accomplish all the goals, so prioritization often controls the implementation plan. our team of pavement experts quickly evaluates the condition and contributing factors of all pavement failures. following an evaluation, we develop strategies to address the most critical failures first and maximize the lifespan of lesser-distressed pavements.

right-of-way acquisition

one of the most difficult tasks of any roadway expansion project is acquiring adjacent land to accommodate new improvements. from platting to relocations, we serve as a one-stop shop for land acquisition services with a team of specialists that takes great care in working with affected property owners.

nepa – environmental compliance

every project utilizing federal or state funding assistance requires an environmental review of the area being disturbed. our engineers, environmental scientists, and planners work together to avoid negative impacts to environmentally sensitive areas where possible. when unavoidable, we employ alternatives designed to minimize impacts so mitigation measures are also minimal. we routinely navigate the permitting processes to keep your projects moving forward.

construction observation

up-to-date knowledge of materials and best practices empowers our seasoned construction observation staff in verifying projects comply with plans and specifications.

funding assistance

project challenges aren’t always technical. many projects lack the funds necessary to make a positive impact for owners and users. leveraging years of experience by our leadership team, we align potential federal and state program funds with road improvement needs. we can help you navigate the process, write grant applications, and administer the appropriate documentation for each funding source.

freeway/interstate systems

our expertise includes heavy highway improvement projects ranging from mainline rehabilitation to shoulder reconstruction, interstate realignments, and interchange improvements. we can guide projects from engineering and land 2022世界杯32强预选赛 , including the development of location studies, justification reports, and nepa documentation, through design and construction services.

research & development

we collaborate with experts throughout the nation to develop strategies and guidelines for pavement design, maintenance, rehabilitation, and reuse. we’ve led the effort on researching issues and developing nationally recognized manuals and training modules for dozens of innovative techniques related to subgrade treatments, pavement designs, overlays, and construction methods.