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structural building design

designing creative structural solutions

from the people we work with to the challenges we help them overcome—diversity is constant, and no two building structures are the same. regardless of the building project size, our role, extensive structural engineering offering, and design expertise are tailored to suit your needs. if you require comprehensive structural guidance every step of the way, we’re prepared to provide it. likewise, if you need assistance with one or two building project components such as structural inspection, we can do that as well.

the experience and foresight we’ve developed individually and as a team helps us avoid common budgetary and scheduling pitfalls. we take pride in our ability to work well with diverse people and situations. it’s team strength that we believe positions our clients for success through thoughtful collaboration.

reliable & resilient structures

beginning with initial discussions all the way through project closeout, we make quality control and assurance a part of every building project phase. our team has over 100 years of combined structural engineering experience, so we understand how even the smallest details can significantly influence a building structure.

with a thorough sense of attention to detail, we address everything from structural analysis to facility management and construction. deliverables are provided following each project phase, allowing for feedback and changes before moving on. with each project phase, comes greater detail, which is why our approach is in-depth and focused.

snyder & associates building design services


from the structural design of new buildings to the design of additions and renovations, we provide a wide variety of structural engineering services for buildings. this includes structural evaluations of existing buildings, construction, and special inspection services. our experience spans educational campuses, office buildings, industrial, medical, municipal, military, worship, and commercial/retail facilities.

parking garages

our parking garage experience spans numerous construction types, including structural steel, prestressed concrete, and post-tensioned concrete. whether you seek designs for a new garage, design repairs for an existing structure, or the preparation of a condition evaluation report, we can help.

water/wastewater structures

from new plant design to the retrofit of existing plants, we provide a variety of structural engineering services for drinking and wastewater structures. this includes the design of reinforced concrete structures, above-ground and below-ground tanks, process buildings, and equipment support structures.

specialty structures

we provide a wide range of structural design and evaluation services for many unique structure types, including urban skywalks, fema tornado shelters, historical structure renovations, retaining walls, highway noise walls, and spillway/dam repairs.

forensic services

the causes of structural damage are vast including storms, vehicular impacts, overloading, construction deficiencies, and unforeseen underground condition. with years of experience, we provide investigative services for damaged buildings and structures. we also provide repair design, retrofits, and temporary shoring for damaged structures.

structural services

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