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multi-use trail - easter lake, des moines, ia

trail design

our path to trail design success

our trail design practice began in the early 1990s and has grown significantly since then. in just the past eight years alone, we’ve helped plan and design over 300 miles of paved trails. as a midwest industry leader in the development of multi-use trails, we enthusiastically look forward to every project we have the opportunity to be involved with.

comprehensive knowledge of current and emerging industry best practices along with u.s. department of transportation (dot) and state dotbicycle and pedestrianaccommodation policies guide us in the design and implementation of world class trails.

forging community connections through trail design

multi-use trails provide safe, efficient routes for non-motorized travel and have been shown to increase property value, encourage economic development, and promote active lifestyles. they serve as a vital link between neighborhoods, schools, businesses,parks, and community amenities. in both small towns and busy cities, trails can be used to createactive transportationand recreation networks that improve the quality of life locally as well as regionally.

building project support & community pride

whether you aim to blaze a new, independent trail alignment or repurpose an abandonedrailroad corridor, you need an experienced team to help bring your vision to fruition. fromroad crossings to intersections, pedestrian tunnels andbridges,right-of-way acquisition, andenvironmentalconcerns, we’re prepared to address challenges for you.

taking the project goals into account alongside innovative and sustainable best practices, we provide custom solutions designed to meet the needs of your trail users. to garner project support, we help bring together advocacy committees comprised of individuals, businesses, organizations, and agencies. through these committees, we establish local ownership of trails and trail segments to build community pride. throughout all project phases, we coordinate with funding authorities, regulatory agencies, 世界杯足球比赛预选赛 officials, and other stakeholders to foster project success.

funding & grant writing assistance

the competition for trail funding is intense, and it can be a long, challenging process to get the financial support you need. many trail projects, like thehigh trestle trail, require multiple funding sources including private donations, state and/or federal funds, and dollars allocated through government budgeting.

we providefunding assistancegrounded in years of experience and a thorough knowledge of all available funding streams.

snyder & associates trail design services

trail design & 2022世界杯32强预选赛

we balance design standards and funding requirements while minimizing theenvironmental impactof trail projects by harmonizing with the surrounding environment. we are driven by the beauty of math meeting topography.

bridges & tunnels

we’ve designed and constructed over 100 pedestrian structures including tunnels and bridges ranging from 13 feet to 2,560 feet. this experience includes the rehabilitation of historic structures, repurposing bridges from other transportation modes, tunnel installation undertraffic corridors, and the design of new bridges. we haven’t met a barrier we couldn’t cross.

trailhead & oasis design

useful, well-sited trail amenities greatly enhance the user experience. besides the utility of restrooms, water sources, and fix stations, the view from and of the amenity are important design considerations.

intersection treatments

safety is paramount when trails meet roadways. whether it’s a paved crossing of a gravel road or an actuated pedestrian traffic signal, we provide expertise for appropriate intersection design and traffic control.

maintenance & rehabilitation

old trails deteriorate, and we understand the conflict associated with the scarcity of resources versus maintenance and repair needs. we can assist with trail maintenance plans and design rehabilitation techniques to prolong the life of your trail.