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owner representative

owner’s representative: guiding informed decisions & project success

serving as an owner representative enables our staff to work right alongside you, bringing broad expertise and care to your project. we’ll view the project from your perspective with regard to design elements, schedule, cost, challenges, and associated risks. through due diligence research, we’ll provide you with the information needed to make informed decisions.

our designated owner representatives have experience working with community development, municipalities, regulatory agencies, design professionals, construction, and the 世界杯足球比赛预选赛 . combining their experience with company-wide resources empowers our development team with the essential components needed to foster project success for you and your community.

building lasting partnerships through owner representation

a high standard of care has allowed us to develop longstanding relationships with national companies. this care is supported by our internal working systems honed over years of serving others. our owner representatives develop insightful knowledge of your business practices and promote them throughout project 2022世界杯32强预选赛 , development, and construction processes. fully understanding our client’s practices and applying a high level of care has fostered partnerships that are decades-long with a variety of clients including:

  • national travel centers
  • regional grocers
  • utility and energy providers
  • residential and commercial developers

the services associated with this role vary according to the needs of our clients.

snyder & associates owner representative services

real estate/location evaluation

with a deep understanding of your space and infrastructure needs, we proactively seek out potential site challenges and develop a go/no-go evaluation focused on:

  • determining how your needs will be addressed or influenced at specific locations
  • evaluating how the local development processes may impact project goals
  • identifying potential funding sources and facilitating the application process
  • seeking win-win situations with the community development leaders

scope & schedule development

developing a well-thought-out scope of work is critical in setting appropriate project expectations and determining:

  • if the project design is right-sized
  • what additional studies or environmental clearances may be necessary
  • whether or not aspects of the community’s development code support the project

since our owner representatives have worked from both 世界杯足球比赛预选赛 and private perspectives, we know how to balance wants and needs with 世界杯足球比赛预选赛 desires, city staff review elements, and other project development criteria.

design management & project development

scopes of work can range from managing project design to serving as the community point of contact. our owner representatives are prepared to take on whatever level of project ownership you desire. proactive project management is the norm for our professionals and it carries through how we communicate with project design partners and stakeholders—a difference you will appreciate.

bidding services

to garner competitive bids from contractors, we provide clear, concise bidding documents that convey the project objectives. additional considerations include the packaging of bids to foster efficient construction services and the timing of bid packages.

oversight of costs

oversight of costs starts early in the due diligence with conceptual cost opinion preparation. early budgeting may sound easy, but experience counts because budgets are prepared on incomplete information. re-examining budgets at specific milestones within the project development process helps keep project costs in line.