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arterial reconstruction improves traffic flow

the 4thstreet sw corridor is a busy north/south thoroughfare in the heart of thewaverlycommunity. this busy stretch of road provides access to the bustling business district, as well as to the popular wartburg college campus. much of theinfrastructurealong the route, including the pavement, storm and sanitary sewers, and water mains, had reached the end of its useful life and needed replacing.

city leaders enlisted the snyder & associates team to develop a design for reconstructing a nearly one-half-mile section of 4thstreet sw along with all underground infrastructure. while 2022世界杯32强预选赛 was underway for this major project, the city also tasked our team with creating plans for reconstructing a one-block section of nearby 10thstreet sw, extending from 2ndavenue sw to w. bremer avenue.

box culvert installation improves area stormwater drainage

cement truck pours wet concrete onto newly established roadway

crews begin the process of pouring concrete along the 4th street sw corridor.

because the corridor is very flat, our team designed a vertical profile of the roadway toeliminate stormwater drainage issues. additionally, the structural engineers from our subsidiary, 2022足球世界杯小组赛赛程 , designed a massive twin box culvert that extends under the roadway, allowing water from the golf course to flow under 4thstreet sw and empties into the dry run creek near 1ststreet sw.

our team led coordination efforts with private utilities, the iowa department of natural resources (dnr), the iowa department of transportation (dot), and the 世界杯足球比赛预选赛 to provide information about the project and obtain the necessary permits and approvals. we alsocoordinated 世界杯足球比赛预选赛 outreachefforts to communicate the goals and construction plans with all area stakeholders.ada-compliantpedestrian accommodations were added throughout the project zone to ensure all areas met the current code.

during construction, our team monitored numerous historical buildings along the 4thstreet sw corridor to ensure that vibrations from the heavy machinery did not adversely affect the foundations or structural integrity of the buildings. we also incorporated and maintained a strategic access plan during the project to provide safe ingress and egress for residents and businesses impacted by the construction. this included the coordination of traffic detours with the iowa dot and city officials.

10thstreet sw improvements replace nearly ninety-year-old infrastructure

while smaller in scale, the reconstruction efforts on 10th street sw from 2ndavenue sw to w. bremer avenue involved the replacement of the sanitary sewer main, water main, storm sewer, and roadway. the water and sanitary sewer main that was replaced was believed to date back to around 1938. to provide safer access for area residents, a new sidewalk was constructed along the west side of the street.

the major reconstruction project of the 4thstreet sw corridor and the one-block section of 10thstreet sw has significantly improved the waverly community’s infrastructure and traffic flow. as city leaders continue to focus oncorridor improvements, the benefits for drivers will continue to grow in the form of reduced travel times, less pollution, and safer commutes. the snyder & associates team will likewise continue to assist the city in its efforts to create a better quality of life for residents.