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deforest convenience store site services truck traffic near major interstate

vehicle parked next to fuel pump in front of a recently complete kwik trip in deforest wisconsin

the newest kwik trip location in deforest serves the bustling interstate traffic and the local community.

the wisconsin-based convenience store chain, kwik trip, has seemingly been in a perpetual state of expansion for more than a decade — building new stores at a rapid pace across the upper midwest. for many of these new store locations, kwik trip has turned to the civil engineers with snyder & associates to develop the site plans. one of their most recent additions saw the construction of a new store along county highway v in the community of deforest.

located blocks to the east of a busy interstate 90/94 interchange, this new store integrates a dual-bay car wash, expansive tractor-trailer parking area, a separate diesel fuel station, and a wide, detached entrance for semi-truck traffic. our team was tasked with creating an environment that blends seamlessly with the surrounding urban landscape while also servicing pedestrian, car, and truck traffic. to accommodate this goal, the site required extensive preliminary development along with a host of other comprehensive services provided by the professionals from snyder & associates.

世界杯足球比赛预选赛 road extension & secondary water main loop highlight site development

at the outset of the project, our team completed a certified survey map (csm) process in order to combine multiple lots. a csm is required by the state of wisconsin when combining two or more parcels. this building site also required the addition of a new access road along the northwest portion of the property. snyder & associates engineers created plans to extend holiday court over 800 feet to connect to the rear of the kwik trip parking lot and included a new sidewalk along the south side of the roadway. this access road also creates a route for exiting truck traffic to safely return to the interchange from the store’s parking lot.

additionally, the water main was extended to provide water for the site and to provide a looped connection for the village’s water system. this required the construction of over 1,000 feet of new water main and included boring under county highway v to complete the connection. the strategic use of attractive landscaping in the right-of-way and parking lot islands helps to enhance the site and provide aesthetic balance.

stormwater management techniques & sensitive cold water community accommodations

before the design process began, our team recognized the need for enhanced stormwater mitigation efforts to satisfy local requirements. to meet these requirements, one bio-retention basin and two wet ponds were utilized along the south and east edges of the property to allow for stormwater detention and the use of native vegetation and pollinators to assist with stormwater management.

the existence of a substantial wetland area to the north and east of the site also required special consideration by the designers. a sensitive cold water community in the nearby waterway contained several fish species, including trout, which needed to be protected from the possible increased temperatures of stormwater runoff. to accommodate this situation, the designers developed plans to install a rock crib on the east side of the property.

a rock crib consists of a trench filled with rock that is buried several feet below ground where the soil stays cool year-round. warm rainwater from the road and parking lot flows in and is cooled by the rocks before it flows out to the wetland. the rock crib is wrapped in a geotextile fabric liner to prevent the surrounding soil from mixing with the rocks. by diverting the rainwater through the rock crib, the temperature of the water is cooled.

numerous services streamlines land development design process

the snyder & associates team not only provided a site development plan for this project but also the required survey work which was performed by our in-house survey crew. close coordination with all utility providers in the area ensured a smooth construction process. our comprehensive approach to site development creates project efficiencies that are unmatched in the industry.

our team has been instrumental in helping kwik trip maximize its development efforts for many years. the professionals at snyder & associates have extensive experience working with commercial and residential developers nationwide and can provide the survey, analysis, and 2022世界杯32强预选赛 services necessary for any size development project.